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Saturday, June 4, 2016

An Afternoon at the Met

On the last leg of our trip we had the opportunity to visit the MET. Having visited the city a couple times before, this was something that has always been on my list. If you have never visited before, I highly recommend taking an afternoon to spend just reveling in all of its beauty. Everything from its architecture, the aesthetic, and most importantly the art is enough to make one speechless (which trust me, I was).

Manus v. Machina was on display at the time and it truly took my breath away. The creativity that went into each and every piece is jaw-dropping. As i walked through the exhibit, carefully inspecting each garment and all of its wonder, I felt beyond inspired. I was in the presence of all the greats: Chanel, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and Balenciaga!

For someone so interested in fashion, this was the icing on the cake for this week. To see the thought put into each detail to create these beautiful pieces is what it's all about.

Plus you can't forget the other greats housed in this beautiful museum: Van Gogh, Matisse, and Monet. These artists were just as inspiring. To be in the presence of these highly valued works of art sent chills down my back.

So thankful to have experienced an afternoon at the Met, but next time I'm planning a full day to conquer the 2 millions square feet of art.


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