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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Asian Cuisine Culture Scavenger Hunts in NYC

New York is a big crowd city like a melting pot mix with different culture perspective from all over the world. Lots of migration from other countries caused the diversity of culture. Cuisine Culture is a big part of our life. As a big fan of Asian food, I can’t wait to explore the eating opportunity in the New York City. 

I originally came from Xi’an, China. Therefore, my first stop in New York is to get some Chinese food from my hometown. 
The name of the Chinese restaurant is Xi’an Famous Food, a family-run business that only based on New York City. It’s a fast-casual restaurant that serves authentic Northern Chinese dishes. Since its founding, Xi’an Famous Foods has gained much popularity. Many celebrities have been to here, and it also featured in many television shows as well as magazines. 
Since most of the dishes are originally spicy, they allow customers decide the level of spiciness, range from not spicy to very spicy. Therefore, anyone could go and try them out. 
I got spicy cold noodles and Chinese burger. They taste really good and makes me miss my hometown a lot. 


The hotel we live is close to the Korean Town, where you can find authentic Korean cuisines such as Korean barbecue and Asian dessert. Therefore, my second stop is to explore food opportunities in Korean Town.
I tried a famous BBQ restaurant called Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong.
Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong established in 2012. Since it opened in Korean, it has been growing tremendously and spread to the U.S. It is a Korean-style dining with a distinctive taste and excellent service, where the server will help you do the barbecue and explain the food in detail. 
Taste Korean barbecue the way it should taste and experience the Korean cuisine culture in K-town!

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My third stop is a Japanese Restaurant in Manhattan. The name of the restaurant is Yakitori Totto, where you can get all kinds of grilled skewers. It is a good place to feel the Japanese skewing cuisine culture. 

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The day before we left NYC, I went to Flushing, where makes you feel like a small town in the city. When I get off the subway, I feel I was in the real China. Everything here is written primarily in Chinese, and you can barely hear people speak English. Since I was late when I get there, I just went to a Hong Kong restaurant to and had some dim sum as midnight snake. However, it still tastes great! 

Hope my experience will help you guys find some interesting place to eat in New York City!

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