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Friday, June 3, 2016

Food Trucks

 I noticed one thing right away when we first started roaming the streets of NYC: the delicious smell of fried food on every street. Every food truck we passed I quick glanced over the menu keeping a mental note of which food trucks I wanted to stop at. I was amazed by the amount of food trucks on the street and the lines that crowded outside of them. My initial thought was, "How do these all survive?" I later realized that it is because the ridiculous amount of people that walk through the streets of NYC that they have no problem keeping up their business. Prior coming to New York I heard a few things about the food; they have good bagels, great pizza, and their food trucks are phenomenal. So, I wanted to test that out for myself. Like I said earlier, I scoped out a couple hundred it felt like, until I found the right one. Dollar Dogs! It was perfect. I ordered my dollar hot dog and in the first bite I realized I had chosen the right one. I was so satisfied with my decision that I quickly got a second.

 What is better than a good hot dog? A cheap and good hot dog! People in NYC seem to be always on the go, so food trucks are perfect for that lifestyle. I did enjoy my nice sit down dinners that I had, but for a quick and easy lunch, the food truck was a perfect option. I later tried the ice cream food truck. It was also wonderful. Back home in Minnesota I saw a few food trucks here and there, but I never thought to try them out. After my experience in New York, I will definitely be stopping at the next food truck that I see in Minneapolis!

Greta Crowe
Retail Merchandising
University of Minnesota

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