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Thursday, June 2, 2016

GAP, Inc.

At the first day of our professional appointments in New York, we visited the GAP, Inc. on 55 Thomas Street.

GAP is an American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer. As we walked in the building, the bright and big title of “GAP, Inc.” caught my eyes. There is also an Ads poster next to the brand title. The smile and outfits of the model on the poster give us a fresh feeling to overcome the hot weather outside.
Ad Poster on the first floor

This office in New York is the Global Creative Center. The atmosphere is relaxing and energetic in the office. As we walk through, there are lots of slogans and posters on the wall such as “We are conduits of creative culture”, which full of passion.

There are two speakers give us a presentation about GAP company. Ashley and Natsoko are both work for Merchandising and International Franchise. Since Gap is a globally brand, they need to focus on the product development and make sure products have the same feeling in every country as well as fit different culture and seasons. 

During their presentation, they showed us lots of videos about the history and big picture of the GAP. It is interesting to see how many GAP opened all over the world and how people passionate about the brand. 

What’s more, Ashley and Natsoko shared their experience of working in a fashion retail industry. They told us that have lots of working experience is extremely important. Also, we need to keep in touch with all the profession people we met because more connection we had, more chance we will get. Besides, always be brave when working, says something is better than nothing. 

Don’t stop on one thing; always going and trying different things, and step ahead! 

Retail Merchandising

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