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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sem Sem: Mother/Daugther Apparel

This luxury apparel design house was inspired by the bond between mothers and daughters. The collection of mostly resort wear honors the relationship between mothers and their daughters. The pieces themselves are produced with the same color schemes and detailing just in different silhouettes  for both the mom and her daughter. 

Upon walking in, you can see many workers hunched over machines and patterns making sure that each garment is executed with special care and consistency. Overlooking all of this is Susan Lam. We had the opportunity to chat with her about the brand as well as all of her responsibilities. As she is the main factory director, she has a very personalized relationship with each worker in the factory. She noted she will have workers texting her at 8 in the morning with questions. She is also running all around the city between locations to make sure that every single step is being executed correctly and efficiently.

Listening to her describe her daily activities was enough to make one ready for a nap. She stressed how important flexibility is to her. One must be ready for anything at any time. They hold selling events all over the world, which means everything must always be in place. With garments retailing on average for about $2,000, Susan said there is no room for a mistake. Everything must perfectly match the colors of the season, the fabrics must be the best quality, & everything is sourced from the best of the best. 

Her hard work & dedication was inspiring. It is refreshing to see someone passionate about their career and all of the work that they are doing. She snuck myself and a couple other girls into the room downstairs where most of the cutting for the garments is done. Right away she entered and knew everyone by name. It was such a genuine experience coming out of a company that sells luxurious garments to a high end clientele. 

I strongly encourage you to watch this  video that emphasizes the bond between mother and daughter and why the garments produced by Sem Sem are more than just a piece of clothing.


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