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Friday, June 3, 2016

The RJM Group

The RJM Group is a full service luxury brand development firm and show room. We got the privilege to talk with Rita Overzat who is founder and president of RJM. RJM was founded in 2001and continues to grow and expand daily. Rita helps to develop designers products and changes them to make them better. Designers come to her with a product and an idea and she works out the challenges and gets a sense of how well a product will do and what needs to change in order to make it successful. After a few months of working with a designer, she does a summary to see if the product is going to work out or not. She is very cautious with who she takes because she knows not everyone is going to be the right fit for her. She doesn't just sell to certain places, she is in hair salons, department stores, etc. She is cautious about what will be successful in a certain store. The RJM Group consistently creates accounts for their represented brands with the most prestigious retailers in the world including: Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Lane Crawford. Rita becomes a mentor to the people she is working with, she does more than just expand their brand. Speaking with Rita was a great experience. She had so much to offer us and provided us with a lot of insightful tips and information that will be helpful in our future. I am so glad we got to come learn about her life and her successful career with RJM Group.

Greta Crowe
Retail Merchandising
University of Minnesota

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