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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Vintage is the New Black

My favorite part of the trip involved a day of exploring Soho. A group of us girls all set out to find the hidden treasures of the city and that is exactly what we found. After an eventful morning of appointments, we hopped on the Subway and rode it to Soho. There, we discovered a little vintage boutique called Hamlet's Vintage. It was such an amazing little store filled with antique clothing, accessories, photographs, trinkets, and furniture. The owner of this place was very upbeat and enthusiastic. He was so excited to have all of us "Minnesota girls" there. All of us found a handful of clothes to try on. The changing rooms were small so we had to take turns trying things on but this made it fun because we made a fashion show out of it. The owner of the store loved seeing our cute outfits that we put together. He even took pictures of them to post on the store's Instagram account. 

When we were done trying our vintage clothing on, a lot of us purchased some of the items. I can't wait for all of us to show off our new clothes around Minneapolis!
If you ever go to New York, I highly recommend stopping here for not only cute clothes, but a really fun experience. It was located at 146 West 4th St.

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