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Thursday, June 2, 2016

252 West 37th Street - 3rd Floor

252 West 37th Street - 3rd Floor is a small space that does an array of work to improve the garment industry. In between the four walls and steel metal windows, TrimLab successfully runs their business (along with the back room where thousands of zippers and other products are held). TrimLab has successfully impacted new and old businesses in designing and manufacturing clothing for about two and half years now. But, it wasn't until my appointment with Dave and Dave that I realized how important their work really is.

How important is a zipper, anyways? To Dave and Dave, it was important enough to create a zipper sculpture to celebrate 100 years. Trends change and new styles are introduced on a regular basis, but the zipper has always remained the same (aside from the wide variety of widths and colors, of course.) Perhaps that fact can explain just how important the zipper is to a garment and the person wearing it. 

Me, and I imagine most, are not ones to go shopping for the perfect zipper, hook, or piece of trim. Instead we look at a garment as a whole–the fabric, the design, and the fit of the apparel item. I imagine that is why consumers often overlook this important step that goes into the manufacturing process. Dave described it like a baseball game: if one player makes an error, it could cost them the whole game and that player may even be hated forever. Just like in a baseball game, if a zipper or piece of trim is done incorrectly, hundreds of garments could be ruined and consumers may not purchase that brand again.

A zipper, clasp, clip, or any piece of trim can make or break any part of an outfit. However, these small parts of a garment don't go noticed until something goes wrong. These small pieces are what hold the entire product together, without these pieces functioning properly, a garment becomes unwearable. This is what makes the TrimLab's work so important. The TrimLab provides quality products so that consumers don't even have to think about what kind of zipper is on the cute shirt they want.

So here is an appreciation post–to the TrimLab, a company that often goes unnoticed by consumers. TrimLab understands their importance to the garment industry and are an ethical business that works hard to make sure there are no errors in a baseball game. TrimLab offers over 3,500 different items and all of their products are tested and examined ethically so consumers don't have to worry about purchasing a garment with a bad zipper or a clasp that will come undone.

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